The Affordable Housing Law is the most effective tool Massachusetts has to create affordable housing.

  • The Affordable Housing Law has been responsible for 80% of the affordable housing created in Massachusetts over the past decade, outside the major cities.
  • Approximately 58,000 homes have been created for seniors and working and middle class families. Approximately 40,000 are apartments and 18,000 are homeownership.
  • Of these, 29,000 homes are reserved for households below 80% of area median income (approximately $66,000 for a family of four in Greater Boston).
  • The Affordable Housing Law has prompted nearly 100 communities to develop affordable housing plans.
  • 51 cities and towns have met the 10% affordable housing threshold, more than double the number in 1997 (24). 40 communities are at the 8% or 9% threshold.