Vote No on 2: Protect the Massachusetts Affordable Housing Law

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John Foscaldi   

John Foscaldi, Barnstable

John is a retired Federal Civil Servant and Vietnam Veteran. He lives with his wife, Maryann, in Barnstable, and the affordable housing law has allowed them to finally own a home they can afford.

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Sharon Pistoor     

Sharon Pistoor, Taunton

Sharon, a store clerk, and her husband Hans, a long-distance truck driver, had lost their rented apartment to a fire. Through the affordable housing law, they were able to purchase a home they could afford for themselves and their two children.

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The Bassett Family  

The Bassett Family, Brewster

Roland, a licensed electrician and plumber's apprentice, and his wife Tyan Bassett bought a home in Brewster through Habitat for Humanity of Cape Cod. They and their two children now own a home that they can afford as a result of the affordable housing law.

Josephine LeBlanc  

Josephine LeBlanc, Sturbridge

Josephine was able to buy her home in Sturbridge as a result of the affordable housing law. A real estate agent, Josephine knows first-hand how expensive housing is in Massachusetts. She now lives in an age-restricted development that is easy for her to maintain.

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