Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting our site. The Campaign to Protect the Affordable Housing Law is committed to providing accurate information and protecting the rights of our visitors. The following policy describes how we use any information gathered on our site.

Collection and use of on-line information for web statistics:

Please be assured that as you explore our site we do not collect any sensitive data that you would not want us to know without your consent. We only acquire personal information you submit through e-mail, on line forms or written correspondence.

The information we track includes the number of visitors to our site (and individual pages), the country from where the user is connecting, the browser being used, keywords from search engines and links from on-line directories used to find us. This information assists us with our site development. Our goal is to use any information we track to continue to make the site user friendly for all of our visitors.

Collection and use of personal information:

The Campaign to Protect the Affordable Housing Law uses any personal information you disclose, such as name, address, e-mail address or phone number, for the purposes of providing you additional campaign information. While we need certain information for registrations and volunteering, or a request for additional information, other requested information is optional and may be given at your discretion. Individuals who provide such information may periodically receive updates on the campaign. At no time will campaign staff share your information with any other party.

Recording e-mail:

You may receive periodic e-mail updates from the campaign. Any information you provide will not be accessible to any party besides the System Administrators unless otherwise authorized. They will not examine, nor allow others to examine the files or e-mail of users without permission except in situation where it is necessary for System Administrators to ensure or restore proper functioning of the system.

Secure transmission:

The Campaign to Protect the Affordable Housing Law provides a secure transmission on any section of our site that prompts you to enter a credit card number or bank information and submit it to us. We do not collect and assemble personal information for sale. Access to your information is only given to those qualified professionals who are assigned the job of meeting your request.

Please feel free to contact campaign staff should you have any questions or concerns regarding our privacy policy.